List of Tone Tags

A tone tag is a short piece of text at the end of a message to let the reader know how the message is meant to be read, or convey information about the tone of the message that might otherwise be unclear. The general concept dates as far back as the 1500s, as it relates to the ambiguity of tone in print media. Today, a tone tag typically consists of a backslash (/) followed by an abbreviation signaling the relevant tone, or occasionally a more detailed description.


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Common Tone Tags

Tag Meaning
/s or /sarc Sarcastic
/j Joking
/hj Half Joking
/ej Extra Joking
/lh Light Hearted
/srs Serious
/g or /gen Genuine
/pos or /pc Positive/Positive connotation
/neg or /nc Negative/Negative connotation
/neu Neutral connotation
/nm Not Mad
/p Platonic
/r Romantic
/qp Queer Platonic
/ij Inside Joke
/nav Not a vent

Less Common Tone Tags

Listed in alphabetical order

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Tag Meaning
/! or /e Excited
/a Alterous
/aff Affectionate
/ao An Order
/apa Apathetic
/av A vent
/ay At you
/b Bitter
/br Bragging
/c Copypasta
/calm Calm
/cb Clickbait
/cel Celebratory
/ci Caring Intent
/cj Coping Joke (see /cwh)
/co Comforting
/cur or /curi Curious
/cwh Coping with humor (see /cj)
/ej Extra Joking
/ex Exaggeration
/f Fake
/fam Familial
/fl Flirting
/fu Furious
/fx Flex
/g or /gen Genuine
/gentle Gentle/Gently
/gq or /genq Genuine Question
/gs or /gens Genuine Suggestion
/hj Half Joking
/hsrs Half serious
/hgq Half genuine question
/hyp Hyperbole
/ij Inside Joke
/info Information or Informing
/irre Irrelevant
/j Joking
/jk Just Kidding
/js Just Saying
/jw Just Wondering
/l or /ly or /lyr Lyrics
/lh Light Hearted
/li Literally
/lu Little Upset
/m Metaphorically
/md Melodramatic
/naah Not at anyone here (see /nbh)
/nabr Not a brag
/nafx Not a flex
/nao Not an order
/naq Not a question
/nav Not a vent
/nay Not at you
/nbh Nobody here (see /naah)
/nbr Not being rude
/nf Not fake
/nfl Not Flirting
/ncm Not comparing
/neg or /nc Negative connotation
/neu Neutral connotation
/nf Not forced
/nfta Not forced to answer
/nm Not mad
/nmay Not mad at you
/np No Pressure
/npa Not passive aggressive
/nsrs Not serious
/nsx or /nx Not sexual
/ny Not yelling
/op Optional
/ot Off topic
/p Platonic
/pa Passive Aggressive
/para Paraphrase
/pf Playful
/pos or /pc Positive connotation
/q Quote
/qp Queer Platonic
/r Romantic
/ref Reference
/rh or /rhq or /rt Rhetorical Question
/s or /sarc Sarcastic
/sbh Somebody here
/sbtw Subtweeting
/srs Serious
/st or /state Statement
/sx or /x Sexual
/sym Sympathetic
/sys System
/t Teasing
/tan Tangent
/th Threat
/tic Tic (used for content typed because of a tic)
/ts To Self
/u Upset
/ui Unironic
/unin Unintentional
/unre Unrelated
/vu Very Upset
/v Violent
/w Warm